FreeDOM Data

Every detail matters


FreeDOM Data is a spin-off from FreeDOM Development. FreeDOM Data provides services for Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics worldwide and is located in Armenia.

Brand Assets


We believe in the heritage of Armenia as High-Tech culture, who enabled the Soviet Union to be the first country to send people into space. Armenia deserves to be called the past and future Silicon Valley of the East.

Data Engineering is one of the most complex fields in IT and the current lack of talent world-wide is preventing a faster progress in corporate's digitalisation strategies.

We see Armenia as a potential future tech leader in data who is able to master this complexity.


Armenia will provide the strongest, independent Center of Excellence for Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics to support Data Programs of large multinational companies.


We believe only a company who has an agile work culture deep integrated into its corporate DNA is able to master the data complexity.

We follow agile principles and all our employees strive for personal and technical excellence.

How we work

We are pragmatic and solution oriented. Our team of architects with several years of business experience support you on-site where we together gather requirements and outline solution strategies.

Our architects are strongly interconnected with the solutions team that is sitting in Armenia.


For us mindset matters most. We seek passionate people who love to solve challenges and identify with the solutions they create.


How to start a project


Share with us your initial project requirements, ideas, wishes, objectives, existing website links, designs, mock-ups or functionality you may have seen and liked. You can also send a technical specification (spec) of the project if you already have one ready.

We take our work seriously and we respect your privacy and assure you that we will not share your credentials or business data with third parties without your prior consent.

FreeDOM Data is ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving any sensitive and confidential information regarding your business and project.

Analysis and collaboration

During this stage our team conducts a thorough research to learn more about your company and target audience; we assess your competitors, do a market research, investigate the materials you have provided. Our team closely collaborates with you to correctly define and outline the goals and objectives of the project and help you choose the right solutions for your project.

Estimation, proposal and negotiation

After completing the previous stage and clarifying your requirements, we estimate the tasks, divide them by multiple milestones and provide you with a detailed proposal that contains the plan and the works that need to be completed in order to achieve the desired results. This stage also gives an approximate but accurate idea about the cost and duration of the project. Then, through a negotiation process we adjust the proposal to your requirements and budget and confirm the final version of the project delivery plan.