You have your analytical use cases, maybe you have also already hired a team of smart Data Scientists...

But maybe you are experiencing what many others face. To enable data scientist to unleash the power of your data a lot of base work is required. Many things cannot be answered by analytics experts. It requires someone who can connect the dots between engineering and analytics to clarify questions such as "What platform makes sense?" and "how can data processing engines be leveraged in the best possible way to meet corporate goals?"

Our data architecture services bring you one step forward. We collect your business requirements, your use cases and your IT requirement and with that we tailor the platform you really need to meet your goals.

We are technology agnostic, this means we do not favour any technology just because it exists or it is brand new.

We support your teams by joining you for a some time as externals.

This is a selection of skills we have...,

tag cloud #hive, #hadoop, #cloud, #python, #scala, #linux, #kubernetes, #docker, #cicd, #jenkins.....
We have most of our clients in automotive. We are strong with their standards and do not start from 0.