Stefan Stefan is the co-founder who brings the technical knowledge and the network to clients in Austria. Also he has experience in scaling companies.

Diana Diana is the co-founder who is the key organiser. She knows how to make things happen and therefore she leads various agendas such as Account and Partner Management

Samuel Samuel is the co-founder who knows the Armenian market best. He is leading all organisational topics towards HR and Finance. As a strong technical person and as a serial entrepreneur, he sometimes also helps out in projects.

Mario Mario is co-author of Handbuch Data Science and a well-known speaker from Austria.

vdsgVienna Data Science Group is the largest group of data scientists in Austria.

datapaoIf you want to know more about Spark, these are the people you should ask.

Handbuch Data Science Handbuch Data Science - One of our founders is co-author of this book

Modelfront A NLP product made in Armenia