We create with our clients a strategy to reach their next data maturity level.

A full transformation takes a lot of time and requires an organisation to transform itself. Realistically, the best way to succeed is to look at the next steps ahead and not dream to be like google within a few days. Therefore, our approach starts with an assessment of the current level


During this assessment, we talk with stakeholders, create a fit-gap matrix, define goals and manage expectations. We sum up results and present them to the client.



During this workshop we create a roadmap to reach the next level. Invited are stakeholders of every department. We have interactive elements as well as presentation of new topics.


Initial Guidance

After the workshop, we offer to accompany our clients for a certain period of time to achieve their goals.

Churn, Loyalty, Customer Journey - You have tons of data and now you need to decide what to do with it.

We help you to find your priorities in a workshop. Your business experts and our data experts get together. We explore together data sources and find ways to monetise and utilise them.

Then we rank your priorities and once we know what you want to achieve we can also support you in building up your data architecture